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Gear oil is not really that much thicker than motor oil, the measuring scale is different. Thus an SAE 90 gear oil is similar in viscosity to a 40 weight motor oil. However I would choose the thinner oil I could if I had a choice which to put in the furnace. Automatic Transmission Fluid is very thin, as is 0W30 motor oil. > Get A Quote >

Reasons Your Transmission is Overheating | AAMCO Colorad

If your transmission is running hot, be aware of possible causes. Most transmission problems are a result of overheating. Reasons for overheating include low fluid levels, leaks, burned, old or dirty fluid, or problems with the solenoid. > Get A Quote >

Eight Substances You Should Never Use In Your Waste Oi

Used automatic transmission fluid; Waste oil heating is the least expensive way to heat your facility. See cost comparisons. Learn More. Features That Set Us Apart. > Get A Quote >

Oil Cooler | NAPA Auto Part

Find the best oil cooler, transmission oil cooler for your car, truck or SUV. Get great deals on heating and cooling automotive parts at NAPA Auto Parts. > Get A Quote >

LVWO Waste Oil Boilers by Columbia Boiler

The LVWO heating system is designed to burn any type of oil, including crankcase oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oils, vegetable and cooking oils, also burns #1 and #2 fuel oil. Arrives ready to install; fully assembled, piped, wired and tested when the "Factory Package and Test Fire" option is elected. > Get A Quote >


A normal "healthy" lubricated transmission operates at or below 175 degrees; anything higher than this breaks down your transmission fluid. Now, when the light comes on indicating that your transmission is overheating, it means that your vehicle is functioning at 250 degrees, which is considered "extremely high" temperature. > Get A Quote >

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Hi, glad to hear you got the Prill up and running.. In my Iron Fireman's transmission/gearbox 90wt gear oil is specified in my old manual.. My transmission looks nearly identical. > Get A Quote >

Boiler | Hutchinson Belt Drive System

Oil Industry Boiler Hutchinson : Belt drive power transmission. Hutchinson develops and manufactures complete power transmission system incorporating ribbed > Get A Quote >

Heater and transmission fluid heating Cooling System Sienn

The cabin heating system and the automatic transmission have no connection. Faults in one do not affect the other. The transmission fluid leak is possibly in the tubing and/or rubber hoses through which transmission fluid flows to the radiator and back for cooling. > Get A Quote >

Fluid Coolers: transmission, power steering cooler, & more a

Fluid Coolers. Overheated fluid is a recipe for automotive disaster. Fortunately, we've got fluid coolers for just about any auto-related. This includes hydraulic oil coolers, transmission fluid coolers, power steering oil coolers, and much more. > Get A Quote >

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